Customer Relations

Our mission at SNS Logistics is to compliment existing logistics companies’ operations by providing logistical products and services that they would otherwise be unable to satisfy.  SNS Logistics further recognizes the need to provide stand alone transportation solutions to accommodate seasonality spikes, and unexpected new business activity of our business partners.

SNS Logistics market opportunities have been driven by the constant need of quality CDL class ‘A’ drivers, as well as the lack of flexibility that many large logistics companies experience.  Additional local market opportunities arrive from the reluctance of corporate supplied support to our account base, and by the relationships and experience of our management team in the logistic industry.

By having a loyal, flexible driver base, SNS Logistics can accommodate the unexpected. The ability to supply customer driven products enables SNS to complement existing logistical operations, while providing solutions for seasonal spikes and the potential reluctance of corporate supplied support during busy times.  SNS’s Driver Services Product enables customers to realize economic benefits by utilizing only the services they need.

Our market strategy was inspired by input from its current account base. These large 3PL and 4PL providers expressed the need to accommodate their large retail customers with supplementary logistics solutions that would be transparent to their accounts. SNS’s market strategy was further enhanced by recognizing the need to provide temporary warehousing to Tradeshow related businesses.

By demonstrating our driver, equipment, operational and warehousing flexibility, SNS has been able to further market its products and services through customer testimonials and vendor recommendations. SNS continues to selectively target business that will benefit future growing plans.

Our operation is available 24/7/365 so we can provide the essential customer service element demanded in today’s marketplace. And By creating the type of corporate culture that honors its drivers, SNS has been able to maintain service levels that far exceed its competitors.